How will I be matched with a student?

After viewing alumni profiles in the Pathways Mentoring Program database, students may make a request through the system of any alumni who offer a job shadow. Pathways allows students to search for mentors using all the tabs in your Alumni Directory profile. Search criteria may include geographic location, professional industry, graduate school, major, sports, alumni network group affiliation, etc. For this reason, we encourage you to update all the tabs in your profile and not just your Pathways profile. Once you have been requested, you must decide whether or not you would like to accept.

What are the expectations of me as a job shadow host?

Each job shadow opportunity is completely unique. We expect you and the student who requests a job shadow to have an initial interaction by email or phone, where you both can discuss mutual expectations and you can learn about what most interests the student. This is also the time to schedule the job shadow day. Keep in mind this is most likely to occur during a school break – interterm, spring break, or summer.

We expect you to then plan a day’s itinerary for the student, on site at your place of work that exposes them to a typical day and various people in different roles. The day should include some dedicated time with you to discuss your own role and any questions the student has; however, the student can benefit from spending much of the day with other colleagues if that is what works best for your schedule and organization. We recommend having a written itinerary for the student before they arrive. View a sample job shadow schedule here.

How many students can shadow me at once?

It’s up to you! We think hosting three at a time is the ideal limit, in order to provide an in-depth experience for the student and to limit disruption in your own office.

What kind of experiences should I plan to provide a job shadowing student?

It depends on your place of work and what kind of work you do, as well as what the student expresses are his or her main interests.

What should I do if I am concerned about a student?

We are here for you. If you are ever concerned about a student, for any reason, please contact and we will determine the best course of action or source of support.