"I'm so excited and curious now for life after Amherst, so I can arrive at the various realizations that my mentor has mentioned, and so I can act as a mentor to other Amherst students." - Student Mentee

For Amherst students, the perspective and advice they receive from alumni carries a special weight. The support alumni can provide as students acclimate to life on campus, choose majors and set career goals is an irreplaceable complement to the academic and career advising students have access to on campus.

For the past several years, Pathways has offered an opportunity for alumni and students to be matched in semester-long mentoring relationships, and engage in structured conversations about student academic, life and career goals.

In its new expanded format, Pathways now offers additional ways to support students, with a more limited time commitment. Now, alumni can make themselves available for 30-minute informational interviews at whatever frequency they like, or they can arrange a one-day job shadow experience at their place of work.

When you register for Pathways, you will be asked which program or programs you would like to join. Please click on the program options at the left for more detailed information on each.


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